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FKNK Committee Members


The Council of the FKNK 

Mr. Joseph Perici Calascione – President
Mr. Anthony Mifsud - Vice President
Mr. Lino Farrugia - General Secretary
Mr. Anthony Grech – Treasurer 
Mr. Joseph Buttigieg - Public Relations Officer

Mr. David Briffa - Hunting and Trapping Affairs
Mr. Charles Gaffiero - FKNK Official Media Officer and Photographer                                                                       

Mr. Richard Cilia – General Consultant                                   

Mr. Daniel Xriha - Secretary Understudy
Mr. Ray Cordina – Live-Bird Trapping Affairs
Mr. Alfred Borg – Activities Co-ordinator
Mr. Michael Cardona - Research Officer

Legal Office -  Dr. E. Mallia & Associates
Auditor – Mr. Oscar Delia FCCA, FIA, CPA



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Over the years...