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The Kummissjoni Relazzjonijiet Publiċi u Edukattiva – KRPE (Public Relations & Educational Commission) is a sub-committee set-up within the FKNK that deals mainly as its title implies, that is with public relations and educational events and activities, mostly with environment conservation issues.

The Committee’s chairmanship is under the guidance of FKNK’s Public Relations Officer, and its secretariat is undertaken by another FKNK Council Member. The Committee’s members are mostly composed of youths, hunters and trappers, but also some non-hunting volunteers.

Some of the KRPE’s calendar of events include the annual clay-pigeon shooting competition for teams and publicity Stands at Mnarja and Malta’s International Trade Fair. Other ad hoc events and participation include clay-pigeon shooting occasions, conservation efforts by ‘putting back into the wild’, FKNK Members District Meetings, Dinner Outings, Stands in various villages on special occasions, etc.

The KRPE is also responsible for recruitment of members and events’ organisation for CUBS (children’s Club) and the Maltese Hunting Dog Club.